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Cue A Chase Scene

So, I was with a decently sized group of friends, one of whom was dressed as the Vocaloid Rin. There was also pretty good Gamzee there, who was mostly in character (although he didn’t swear or say miracle nearly enough). Rin ran off at one point to go to a coffee shop, and when she got back (after getting scolded for not telling us where she had gone, resulting us in asking every homestuck we came across if they had seen her), the Gamzee came up, honking his horn (as he does).

Now, Rin decided she wanted to play with the horn.

Gamzee wanted to keep it.

Cue a chase scene, with Rin taking off her shoes at one point as she thought she would be able to run faster. However, concrete is slippery, and she managed to slip, faceplanting into the ground.

She wasn’t hurt too bad, just skinned her knee a bit and ripped her stocking, but my other friends carried her off to the bathroom bridal style anyway to patch her up. Con bathrooms being crowded as they are, I stepped out at this point, but ended up talking to the Gamzee who told me he felt really bad about the whole ordeal.

Rin limped out a while later and they both apologized to each other, and Rin finally got to play with the horn, Gamzee letting her honk it in his ear.

And that is my homestuck con story.  Not really dramatic, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that not all fans are insane.

ghostyon asked:

I'm actually going to my first Homestuck con in just a few weeks, since I got into it after the last con I went to. Anything I should look out for or know about in general that doesn't apply to most other cons? (I've been to AX twice, so I know a bit about how most cons work)

The same rules apply for any con. Just stick with common sense and respect, then you’ll be fine. 

Though a couple of things to defiantly note:
1) Defiantly avoid throwing buckets at anyone.
2) Be careful around stairs.
3) Remember that while it’s fine to be in character, it’s not an excuse to be rude to other people.  
4) If your cosplaying Karkat, Gamzee, etc try not to swear too much. Some people might get offended. 

Anon: A Happy Con Tale

Just a small happy con story! :B 

Last October, I was at a convention with some of my friends. We were having a fantastic time! But then we had to separate because some of us wanted to go to the Artist’s Alley, some of us wanted to take photos etc. 

I ended up on the grass outside the con. I hadn’t cosplayed, and I was incredibly shy, so I just watched the Homestuck meetup/photoshoot from afar. 

Now, while I wasn’t fully familiar with Homestuck at the time (I think I could recognise Rose, Vriska and Eridan for some reason?) it looked like they were having so much fun! There was an amazing Equius with a broken bow and a towel, and he and the Sollux were having a tug of war with the towel, and they were all chalking on the floor! 

In the end, I came over and, even though I didn’t know much about Homestuck, they let me join in the fun. And it really was amazing! Those cosplayers were what made me really want to read Homestuck. And, now that I have, I’m going to be cosplaying Kanaya next time, so I can introduce more people to Homestuck through convention fun. x)

Mod P: That’s so kind of them. What an awesome way to get into Homestuck!

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